Luxury Home Magazine
Luxury Home Magazine


  • History 2002
    2002 - Portland/SW Washington Luxury Homes begins publication as a small, landscape-sized, local luxury real estate magazine serving the needs of real estate agents looking for a new and innovative way to market their listings and services to local luxury homeowners throughout the Portland/SW Washington area.
  • History 2003
    2003 - launches to complement the agents and their listings in the Portland/SW WA Luxury Homes. This is one of the first websites devoted strictly to luxury real estate. Luxury Homes converts to an oversized "coffee table magazine" to stand out from other publications with easy-to-read layouts. This was a turning point for the company, where breaking the mold became more than just a way of thinking, but a call to action.
  • History 2004
    2004 - Portland/SW Washington Luxury Homes is renamed Luxury Home Magazine to create stronger brand identity as the company prepares to expand nationally. launches, providing a new and attractive way for advertised properties to appear online. The site immediately begins to draw high-quality web traffic and rank highly in the web's top search engines.
  • History 2005
    2005 - After establishing a proven track record in Portland, Luxury Home Magazine (LHM) opens its second publication in Sacramento CA. The corporate office also relocates to California offering the ability for enhanced training and support as LHM begins national expansion.
  • History 2006
    2006 - LHM begins to spread to markets nationally through enterprising and entrepreneurial minded individuals seeking the opportunity to publish a market specific niche publication. LHM redefines its mission and vision statement representing the culture of the LHM brand. Dallas, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Hawaii and Washington, DC markets open. LHM creates its first blog.
  • History 2007
    2007 - LHM becomes the largest regional, market specific, luxury real estate publishing company in North America, adding Seattle, WA and Tampa, FL to its lists of markets.
  • History 2008
    2008 - LHM is granted a registered trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, providing additional brand protection as LHM grows nationally.
  • History 2009
    2009 - Utilizing the most effective methods of targeted delivery to the wealthiest and most affluent buyers and sellers of luxury real estate, LHM redefines the term "Target Marketing." LuxuryHomeMagazine launches a new website removing Adobe Flash, utilizing a suite of web 2.0 features to maximize the user experience and increase leads and referrals to advertisers. LHM launches a state-of-the-art system to provide current issues for viewing and downloading online. This virtual/digital magazine allows readers full control over their searching experience. LHM launches in Silicon Valley, CA and Denver, CO. LHM joins the Twitter platform.
  • History 2010
    2010 - LHM updates its layouts to a more easy to read format, also rolling out a system of duplication for both training and admin. With the presence of social media growing, LHM brings in a social media specialist focusing on Facebook and showcasing listings nationally on multiple LHM blogs.
  • History 2011
    2011 - With a national print presence coast to coast, LHM increases each market's landing page with a variety of tools to make navigating on the website more user friendly. LHM launches in San Antonio, TX.
  • History 2012
    2012 - LHM holds its first national conference with all the publishers that are the driving forces behind LHM across the country. LHM launches in Charlotte, NC and Austin, TX. LHM launches Google Plus and Pinterest pages.
  • History 2013
    2013 - LHM starts the process of revamping their website using responsive web design and also utilizing software for a more user friendly digital platform when viewing LHM on any portable device. This process takes over 12 months to launch. LHM launches San Francisco, CA. LHM places their digital magazines also on the Issuu digital platform.
  • History 2014
    2014 - LHM holds its second national conference, introducing a new web design with a responsive layout for an improved viewer experience. As expansion of LHM continues, additional systems are put into place including QRG’s/Tutorials. LHM launches the East Bay, CA and Michigan markets.
  • History 2015
    2015 - LHM updates their training, increases their presence of branding and prepares for launching new markets nationally. LHM launches Nashville, TN, Charleston, SC and Salt Lake City/Park City, Utah.
  • History 2016
    2016/2017 - In 2016, LHM welcomed two new markets in addition to having its third national publishers conference. 2017 is slated for continued growth in social, digital and web platforms as LHM continues to grow nationally surpassing 150,000,000 pages annually.