Sculpture-Art in 3 Dimensions at Adelson Galleries

By Taylor Slaughter

Federico Uribe Flowerscape, 2022 Colored Pencil Collage 60h x 85w in Framed: 67h x 92w in

Since 1965 Adelson Galleries has focused on 19th and 20th century fine art. When founder Warren Adelson’s children, Adam and Alexa, moved their Boston-based gallery to Worth Avenue in Palm Beach in 2018, it became a fixture in the Palm Beach Art Community. “The program for our Palm Beach gallery focuses primarily on the 20 Contemporary Artists that we represent,” says Adelson. “Together, the artists are aesthetically eclectic; however, individually, we hope that visitors will identify with each artwork and discover their respective beauty and meaning.”

Jim Ritchie Figure Turning Right, 1992 Patinated bronze 43 h (73 1/2 h including the base) x 14 x 14 inches 1/8

Adelson Galleries hosts sculptures from various artists and Adelson appreciates the engagement factor that sculpture adds. “[We] enjoy artwork that engages the viewer. A free-standing or wall sculpture in your home that literally pops out at you is more likely to draw you in, rather than blend into your home.” Sculpture engages in such a way that visitors to your home can become “active participants in the artwork, instead of passive observers,” notes Adelson.

The blend of classic and contemporary comes alive in Páris. Italian born artist Massimiliano Pelletti hails from Pietrasanta, which is the home of the quarry that provided Michelangelo with the marble used for David. This centuries old tradition of carving transforms in a modern way at the hand of Pelletti. “He’ll use a variety of onyx and combines the stones, whether it’s rose or emerald, and then he carves it in this very classical format producing this amazing effect,” says Adelson. “You’re drawn into it because of all the different colors and then you see the incredible detail of white and brown onyx.”

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Federico Uribe Shy Baby Bear, 2023 Bullet shells 11h x 16 1/2w x 6d in
Adam, Alexa and Lady Adelson
Adam, Alexa and Lady Adelson
Massimiliano Pelletti Pàris, 2023 White and brown onyx 25 2/3h x 10 1/4w x 10 3/4d in

“The Palm Beach Fine Art scene has a diverse range of galleries. It encompasses everything from traditional to contemporary and avant-garde artists. The diversity attracts a wide array of art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world.” That diversity is also represented in the works on exhibit at Adelson Galleries. Moreover, Adelson aims to inspire and delight visitors and collectors through art. “In an increasingly complex world, I have seen a movement towards artwork that is more easily understood and identifiable…our clients appreciate the fact that the art we show makes them smile.”

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The lightness and beauty founded in tradition that the gallery embodies is well represented in Figure Turning Right by Montreal, Canada born artist Jim Ritchie. “He experimented a lot with patinas. This was one of his favorites. It’s a black patina. From a distance it’s hard to tell if it’s black marble or granite, but it’s actually bronze,” according to Adelson. “It’s the largest bronze that we have and it’s on this natural granite base. This was very deliberate because it has that nice contrast to it.” Adelson Galleries, along with Ritchie’s son, Paul Leander-Engström, now manage the estate of Jim Ritchie. There will be an upcoming exhibit of much of Ritchie’s work at the Baie-Saint-Paul Contemporary Art Museum in Québec from November 25th through June 2nd.

Adelson Galleries also has sculpture from Federico Uribe on exhibit. Always adding to their collection, guests and collectors can view unique works that inspire and offer a distinctive experience. “It is the intention of the majority of our artists to bring joy into people’s homes and lives.” Adelson believes that “people want a respite from current events and painful news, so their collections reflect a more positive perspective. It follows the old anecdote that when a painter is happy, they paint dark compositions. When a painter is sad, they paint flowers.”

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