C’est Magnifique, Singulart!

By Anita McLean

Founded seven years ago as a collaboration between three passionate entrepreneurs, Singulart was designed to disrupt the art market. Now the leading online art gallery based in Paris, Singulart recently expanded into the United States with its debut here in West Palm Beach.

Resin Without Stand
(L) x 24(H) x 10(D) in, $10,850
Jonathan Hateley, United Kingdom, 2022

A sculptor based in the U.K., Jonathan has exhibited his art internationally. His current work stems from concepts that reflect elements of the natural world onto the human figure. Following the initial idea and successive sketches, Hateley creates a metal armature which he then covers in clay. His compositions are cast in bronze and highlighted with painted color.

Online art galleries have been around since the 2010s and wide acceptance was propelled forward during the pandemic. In the contemporary art market, online galleries have been very successful connecting and facilitating acquisitions, as well as building trust and long-lasting relationships with collectors and artists around the world. The ease in which they offer high-quality products and services coupled with an unparalleled array of choices makes it a convenient choice for many collectors. The expansion of online galleries is ever-increasing, as e-commerce reaches new heights in quality and performance.

Singulart, a global online gallery, was founded seven years ago as a collaboration between three passionate entrepreneurs: Denis Fayolle, Véra Kempf and Brice Lecompte, looking to disrupt the art market. Now the leading online art gallery based in Paris, Singulart recently expanded into the United States with its debut here in West Palm Beach at the Kips Bay Palm Beach Showhouse, where they provided exquisite original art pieces to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the designers’ spaces.

Shown here are various pieces from their online gallery, Singulart.com and their curated, invitation-only membership program called “Signature.”

Merci, Singulart, for giving us one more thing to love about France!

Palm Springs
46 x 35 in. $5,380
Colored Pencil on Canvas
Pascal Heranval, France

A painter, draftsman, and printmaker whose works have been exhibited internationally, Pascal believes that art is a means to improve ourselves and to improve the relationships between people and the world. Often painting on maps or encyclopedia pages, like an engraver, Heranval employs lines and dots to model new shapes, allowing the graphic textures and colors of the backgrounds to show through.

Palm Beach Art Blog Erin Hanson 728x90 (1) copy

28(L) x 59(H) x 30(D) in. $10,680
Lamp, upcycled showcase mannequin
Brigitte Dravet, France

An award-winning painter and sculptor based in France whose works have been featured in several solo and group exhibitions. Her objective is to take the viewer on a contemplative journey to a dreamlike space where light and textures allow the viewer’s mind to wander, without ever getting lost, through the sinuosities, reliefs, and changing reflections.

Letters for Josephine
Giclée print on Paper, Alu-Dibond, 59 x 51 in.
Disco Biscuite, Germany, 2013

A painter and photographer based in Germany whose works have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally. She describes her art as having nothing to do with reality. Rather, Disco Biscuite’s artistic practice is marked by adventure and is an expression of an “inner-melody”, whose sound is conveyed through color landscapes, driving her creation process.

mike Burke ad
“Our role is to be the conduit between art lovers and artists, allowing creativity to spark a connection between strangers”
~ Co-founder Véra Kempf

Bauhaus abstract
Ink on Canvas, 100 x 80 cm. price upon request
Andrea Pallang, Slovakia, 2023

Pallang is a painter, photographer, and sculptor based in Slovakia whose minimalist geometric works explore concepts of time and space. The artist’s interplay of color and line encourages us to consider the relationship between form and perception. Her compositions embody balance and contrast, symbolizing the creation of order, the search for harmony, and the contemplation of the world around us.

Debris XL
Cement, Stone Without Stand, 120(L) x 50(H) x15 (D)cm.
price upon request. signature@singulart.com
Vhils, Portugal, 2022

Vhils, an innovative Portuguese sculptor, revolutionizes urban spaces by skilfully chiseling through layers of architectural surfaces, revealing the profound crossroads between identity and the urban environment. This artwork is emblematic of the unique aesthetic for which he is internationally celebrated. Carved into a fragment of an urban facade, the piece captures a human eye, a recurrent motif in his work, offering both a literal and metaphorical window into the soul. This piece allows collectors to hold a tangible segment of Vhils’ storied artistic journey.

To Be Titled (Frog)
Textile, Mosaic With Stand, 39(L) x 13(H), 34(D) cm.
price upon request. signature@singulart.com
Joana Vasconcelos, Portugal, 2023

Joana Vasconcelos has gained international recognition for her large-scale sculptures and immersive installations. Joana seeks to challenge contemporary norms with her immersive installations. Clad in a delicate crochet overlay in shades of pink, the frog is poised as if caught in the moment before a leap. The crochet work, meticulous in detail, suggests traditional craft integrated into a contemporary context, blurring the lines between art and artefact.

Colorful Falling
54(L) x 72(H) x 3(D)in. $16,000
Andrij Savchuk, Ukraine, 2023

Andrij is a sculptor based in Ukraine whose works have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Poland and Germany. Through his optical style of art, he continuously searches for unconventional and engaging abstract expressions. Savchuk’s works are characterized by the use of bright colors and simple geometric shapes. His preferred mediums are wood and acrylics.

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