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Luxury Specialists: North Palm Beach County

Over 25 years ago—decades before several of the world-renown country clubs that would become synonymous with their name had broken ground—Andrew and Michael Leibowitz had already earned a sterling reputation as premiere luxury real estate agents as the on-site sales team at Frenchman’s Creek Beach and Country Club.

Their experience in Palm Beach’s luxury and country club niche real estate ultimately inspired their own agency’s first iteration: Exclusive Realty. However, this didn’t accurately convey the dedication and conscientiousness the two brothers provided their clients. The only name that came close to demonstrating how seriously they took their craft, was their own.

In the near three decades since, Leibowitz Realty Group has established an unrivaled reputation for ethics and service, and results. Andrew and Michael’s cumulative sales record throughout Frenchman’s Creek, BallenIsles, Mirasol, Old Palm Golf Club, Frenchman’s Reserve and other private luxury communities is unmatched by any other individual agent or team.

As a family business, their commitment to success and reputation is deeply personal. This brings instant credibility to their listings and their agents representing the Leibowitz name. Leibowitz Realty Group luxury Realtors are hand-selected based on character rather than simply track record. Those entrusted with the responsibility however, benefit greatly in the form of strategic, integrated marketing resources, strong administrative support, and an emphasis on technology.

This combination of experience, emphasis on service, and daily commitment to their hard-won standing in the luxury real estate segment is why Andrew and Michael can confidently live up to their overarching mantra:

We not only list homes… We sell them.”