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In the same way life often imitates art, interior design pulls from the fashion world to inform new ideas in color, pattern, and even overall aesthetic. When Pantone revealed their fall 2022 color predictions, the trends first made their appearance on runways, then in our homes. 

This fall, we see a dramatic chasm in trends, some that deliver exuberance and maximalist ideals, while others that are a return to a state of calm and nature. Both equally exciting. Both a chance to create colorful new expressions rooted in timeless design. 

Samoan Sun 

No matter the weather pattern, sunnier days are here. Cheerful and enlightened, Samoan Sun is one that is prevalent well beyond emojis and Jean Patou’s new handbag collection. We’ll see this color used to its fullest extent as an accent wall or piece of statement furniture, while muted tones can create the same balmy effect in a more neutral palette. 

Here’s how to use it:

Use Color Theory

See where Samoan Yellow falls on the color wheel to create a custom palette that still follows classic rules of design. Use different tones of the same hue to create a monochromatic look, or find a complementary shade of blue to add some variety.

Patterns Make Perfect

Not ready to use this bold color on its own? Find textiles that incorporate Samoan Yellow for an effortless pop of color that works with your existing furnishings. Play with detailed florals or choose a textured throw to lay across your couch.

Look Up

Vaulted ceilings or ones with architectural detailing like crown molding are the perfect canvas for this vibrant hue. The bright yellow will make any room feel taller and larger while creating a youthful ambiance by offsetting white walls or darker furniture. 


Elitis’ experimental wallpapers blur the lines between poetry and audacity, introducing unexpected materials like banana leaves and oxidized metals to create new ideas on our walls. 

Lauren HWang NeW York

Inspired by nature and global cultures, Lauren Hwang New York offers a new modern luxury textile collection steeped in ethnic heritage with simplicity.


Fromental brings historical classicism and 18th Century Chinoiserie into the modern era with handmade, imaginative wallcoverings in a distinctly British style. 

Rosemary Hallgarten 

Weaving traditional techniques of the local craftspeople with luxurious modern materials, Rosemary Hallgarten’s alpaca linen line is ideal for drapery, bedding, and accent upholstery.

The Gil Walsh Collection

Inspired by the worlds of fashion, art, and culture, The Gil Walsh Collection offers bold, yet versatile designs and fabrics to effortlessly add color and style to your home.

The Most Searched for Trends of the Season:


A fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design which incorporates neutral color palettes and soft textures to create a calming environment.


A bold, eclectic style usually involves bold colors, plenty of texture, accessories, and wall art.


Inspired by pre-industrial homes featuring design elements like floral prints, natural materials, and indoor plants. 


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