Georgia on my Mind

Tucked behind the glamourous retail shops on South Dixie Hwy in West Palm Beach, Georgia Avenue has grown from its industrial roots and has transformed into a shopping district of its own. Lined with hip food trucks, off-beat restaurants, and modern design shops, Georgia Avenue has become a destination for anybody looking for luxury with an air of cool sophistication.

Surprising Style

The industrial backdrop of Georgia Avenue gives way to some of the longstanding antique shops and craftsmen that have been a part of the neighborhood for decades. “Our friends Melanie and Chris have run Kofski Antiques for over 30 years and represent the hard-working blend of Georgia Avenue and the sometimes mind-boggling universe that lies just over the bridge,” says Reed McIlvaine, owner of Renny And Reed. “I believe it’s the character of the businesses that is still creating the character of the neighborhood. Sometimes old neighborhoods lose character during similar times of change, but Georgia Avenue feels like it’s just getting polished up a bit, all while maintaining its integrity.”

McIlvaine is just one of many retailers and curators to see the unique beauty that Georgia Avenue embodies. Charles Peed, one of the owners of the family-run retail and design shop Casa Gusto, loves the surprise element of the neighborhood. “It is very unexpected to find high end design stores sandwiched in between car repair and upholstery shops. The street allows the businesses to be as edgy or as traditional as they want to be with no parameters.”

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A Cool Caché

Upscale and cool, gritty and ultra-chic, the world class style on a walkable and accessible street gives the avenue it’s unique feel and “brings together such a broad universe in the design world,” according to McIlvaine. “Look at Pete and Nelson and their exquisite collection at Devonshire. It’s Georgia Ave that allows for the character they’ve created.”

It’s this creative freedom and collaborative atmosphere that gives Georgia Avenue its distinctive eccentricity. “I believe in building in places you want to make better. I think just about everybody else on this street feels the same way,” says Danielle Rollins, owner of the design and housewares business that bears her name. “There’s a ‘stronger together’ mentality and we are very supportive of each other. It’s important to everyone here that we all thrive and that we preserve and protect craftsmanship.”

For those looking to see the magical atmosphere firsthand, the second annual Georgia Avenue Holiday Stoll is coming up December 6th from 6:00pm until 8:00pm. “We are all passionately dedicated to the area and committed to making things happen, hence the creation of the Holiday Stroll,” boasts Rollins. The community of business owners initiated this event in 2022 and they’re pleased to keep this event going. McIlvaine echoes the sentiment by saying they’re “beyond excited for the second annual Holiday Stroll. I just feel so lucky to be a part of it all.”

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Renny And Reed

Reed McIlvaine of Renny & Reed has become one of the most sought-after event designers in the country. He and his team continue to set the standard with innovative, modern event and floral design for a most discerning clientele.

Danielle Rollins

Danielle Rollins’ style in the way that she dresses, decorates, and lives is very classic with a certain casualness mixed in. Her focus is on comfort, not formality, with an irreverent bohemian flair.

Casa Gusto

A company of antiques, objects, and artworks that opened its doors on Georgia Avenue in November 0f 2018. The space is filled with goods old and new, gathered and invented from around the globe.

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