Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz Switzerland

by Marcy Ferruggia and Nicole Ferruggia

Nestled majestically amidst the breathtaking panorama of the Swiss Alps, Badrutt’s Palace reigns supreme in the realm of opulence, beckoning forth the most discerning of travelers in pursuit of unrivaled luxury. With a legacy steeped in elegance and prestige dating back to its establishment in 1896, this iconic sanctuary stands as a testament to refinement and sophistication. Amidst the storied landscape of St. Moritz, it remains a perennial symbol of extravagance, effortlessly setting the bar for indulgent living within one of the globe’s most coveted destinations.

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This iconic hotel proudly showcases lavishly adorned rooms and suites, seamlessly merging timeless opulence with contemporary indulgence. From every vantage point, guests are treated to awe-inspiring vistas of the majestic snow-capped peaks, bestowing upon them a tranquil and enchanting ambiance. With a commitment to unparalleled hospitality, Badrutt’s Palace discreet and bespoke service caters to your every whim, ensuring that each moment of your stay is nothing short of an unforgettable sojourn into luxury.

For the culinary connoisseur, the Palace presents a gastronomic journey that rivals the beauty of its surroundings. Michelin-starred dining experiences await at esteemed restaurants, each a testament to culinary mastery. Step into the historic Chesa Veglia, the venerable heart of St. Moritz, where the oldest farmhouse has been meticulously transformed into a culinary sanctuary. Here, amidst rustic charm, guests are treated to an exquisite array of Swiss and international delicacies, a testament to the rich tapestry of flavors that define our gastronomic ethos. Meanwhile, Le Restaurant, another Michelin-starred gem awaits, tantalizing palates with innovative creations crafted to perfection. Complementing these culinary masterpieces is an extensive wine list, curated with precision by our esteemed sommeliers, ensuring each sip is a harmonious accompaniment to your culinary journey.

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The magnetic charm of St. Moritz extends far beyond the opulent confines of Badrutt’s Palace, beckoning guests to partake in a tapestry of exhilarating pursuits. Adventurers are enticed by the majestic Swiss Alps, an unrivaled playground for enthusiasts of skiing and snowboarding. Glide with effortless grace down pristine slopes, enveloped by panoramic vistas that etch memories destined to endure a lifetime. For a more leisurely immersion, embark on an equine escapade amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes. Badrutt’s Palace presents exclusive horseback riding experiences, where guests traverse the enchanting terrain with an unparalleled sense of elegance and serenity.

From the resplendent accommodations to the culinary mastery of Michelin-starred dining, bespoke shopping experiences, and invigorating activities, every facet of the journey unfolds as an ode to extraordinary indulgence. A sojourn within the hallowed halls of this iconic palace is not merely a stay; it is an investment in elevating one’s discerning travel repertoire, promising an escape that transcends the ordinary into realms of unparalleled refinement.

Travel expert and local favorite Marcy Ferruggia and her daughter, Nicole Ferruggia, aka The Pointster, share luxury travel tips and photos from their recent adventures.

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