Color and Design Trends to Look For in 2024

Photo Courtesy of Barbara Lewis

By Taylor Slaughter

Color, color, color! New paint color trends are all about individuality and diversity. More people want to make their home their own and a representation of their own personal style than in recent years, but are unsure of the end result. We spoke to top designers to get their take on color and its application throughout homes in South Florida. “We have always loved color and the joy and atmosphere that it brings to a home,” says Nikki Levy of Nikki Levy Interiors in Boca Raton.

Photo Courtesy of Nikki Levy

Levy sees three distinct versions of color happening in current and future trends. “Earthy neutrals like tobaccos, camel, mocha, and dirty greens; pastels such as blushes, soft blues, mint greens, and corals; Saturated colors go bold with deep emeralds, sapphire blue, rich yellows, and peacock teals.” Amanda Reynal of Amanda Reynal Interiors says, “I am really loving sunny lemon yellow as a bright and happy color for 2024; it pairs well with green, coral, and all shades of blue.” Levy is partial to Backdrop brand paint and wallcoverings. “It’s such a fun range [of colors] and they also make wallpapers to match the paints.”

Both Levy and Barbara Lewis of Lewis Design Group agree that ceilings, often called The Fifth Wall, are being utilized in more exciting ways. “I rarely do a white ceiling anymore,” says Lewis, “In addition to paint and wallpaper, you also see many ceilings treated with lattice, woodwork, and plaster ornamentation.” Engaging the Fifth Wall brings a level of drama and detail that Levy says makes it the “exclamation point on the space.” According to Levy it “allows for a little more adventure as the design is not as ‘in your face’ as a wall application.”

Photos Courtesy of Amanda Reynal
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Patterned wallpaper with bold design and soft pastels make this space stand out. Designer Amanda Reynal uses texture and color to construct a calming, yet uniquely bold room perfect for South Florida.

Photo Courtesy of Nikki Levy 2022© Nickolas Sargent Photography
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Modern and sleek fixtures blend with intricate woodworking and bold design to create a seamlessly chic space. Teal, emerald green, white, and gold connect to create a monochromatic scheme that feels light and effortless in this stunning bathroom.

Photos Courtesy of Amanda Reynal

Finishes also make a statement. Pairing matte and gloss finishes in cabinetry, for example, is something Levy says she often uses. She says that finishes “add a depth to design that nothing else does.” Lustrous finishes are also a go-to, “whether it’s a low-luster finish to a high gloss lacquer,” Lewis says she sees people gravitating towards sheens.

Photo Courtesy of Barbara Lewis
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Reynal says, “I also love a crisp robin’s egg blue paired with deep reddish coral pink. The softness of the blue against coral is a lovely contrast.” Beyond the trends these top designers are seeing, celebrating your own unique style is always in fashion. Embracing colors you love and creating your ideal space is never the wrong move. Lewis urges people not to be afraid to embrace the colors they love and to try incorporating their favorite colors in smaller spaces and growing from there.

“It’s more important to go with what makes you feel comfortable and happy in your space,” says Levy, “Paints are usually quite easy to change, so it’s a place where you can think beyond the expected, have fun, and go a little over the top.”

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