Luxury Home Magazine is a brand publication of LHM Media Group and Sunshine Publications, Inc. and is committed to providing the highest quality of goods and services to our customers, distributors and readers. Our vendors, contractors and professional service providers must meet the highest quality standards for a long term working relationship in developing businesses throughout our organization. LHM Media Group’s strategy is to work with a broad range of suppliers that are competitive in quality, service and price. Our suppliers are encouraged to further support our diversity efforts through our marketing plans and growth. To be considered as a vendor, please follow the following instructions in detail.

  1. Send a minimum of five samples of your company's current high-end printing pieces and/or marketing materials. If you are a rack company, five examples of your wire/plastic display racks. If you are printer, five examples of “upper end/luxury” printed pieces. The size of our magazine is 10.5” wide x 12.125” high.
  2. Company brochure and/or video.
  3. Testimonials for current clients with contact info.
  4. Detailed contact information.
  5. Why should you be considered as a supplier/vendor?
  6. If this is website related, please be detailed.
Once the above has been submitted and received, feel free to follow-up via email at to set-up a time discuss and review. Please use the following mailing address:

Luxury Home Magazine | LHM Media Group (Corporate Office)
Att: LHM Vendors - Suppliers
1020 Suncast Lane, Suite 104
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762