Waterfront Dreams by Wadia Associates in The Palm Beaches Issue 2.2

From Vision to Reality... Your Dream Home Awaits
From Vision to Reality… Your Dream Home Awaits

Luxury Home Magazine | The Palm Beaches Features Waterfront Dreams by Wadia Associates in Issue 2.2

“Those who are blessed to live by the sea find it impossible to form a single thought of which the sea is not a part.” ~Hermann Broch

Palm Beach, FL – May 28, 2020 – A home built on or near the water offers many beautiful joys. There is almost nothing more tranquil than watching gentle waves as they lap against the shore or listening to the gentle breeze that rustles through the trees.

While there’s nothing quite as tranquil as the water, it takes an expert with many years of experience to design a home that meets all the Federal and State requirements and makes it easy and joyful for the client. Geo-tech surveys, shoreline management plans, shoreline master plans, setbacks, view easements, septic placement, allowable lot coverage, height restrictions; that’s just the beginning of a long list of considerations.

Wadia Associates has been designing waterfront homes since 1975.

It’s very easy to have your dream sanctuary designed and built on the water if you place your confidence in the right hands. Wadia Associates has been designing waterfront homes since 1975. Their designs optimize the views and use the outdoor spaces to the fullest extent possible so that you can enjoy your home for years to come without having any problems with the design or construction.

If you are considering having a home designed and built along the water or elsewhere, please call or email us for a gratis consultation.

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…Almost nothing more tranquil than gentle waves lapping the shore…

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About Wadia Associates

Since the establishment of Wadia Associates more than 40 years ago, Dinyar Wadia and his dedicated team of designers have earned a reputation for designing and building high-end homes, gardens, and interiors. Over the years, they have helped sculpt the local environment to become an important regional proponent of Classicism. Dinyar is fond of saying, “It is traditional architecture for the modern world.”

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