Homes at Tapestry Featured on the Cover of LHM Dallas 15.1

Custom Crafted Grass Roofed Homes at Tapestry
Custom Crafted Grass Roofed Homes at Tapestry

Texas Blackland Grass Roof Homes at Tapestry Featured on the Front Cover of Luxury Home Magazine, Dallas | Fort Worth Issue 15.1

Frisco, TX – February 17, 2021 – The homes at Tapestry feature native Texas Blackland Prairie green grass roofs while large glass panels allow the outside to always feel close at hand. From premium bricks to classic marble, these homes have been built using our signature natural materials, which age beautifully and provide a timeless feel. A fine balance has been honed between sustainability and livability, giving one the opportunity to live in harmony with nature while enjoying a high-end lifestyle. Warmth, privacy and serenity – it’s all right here at Tapestry.

Located in Frisco, Texas, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, and set against a stunning landscape, Tapestry celebrates our connection with nature. With the Rowlett Creek flowing through the campus, one can stroll along beautifully landscaped sidewalks, past serene ponds and hundreds of mature native trees, or can stop at one of the many picnic areas to enjoy an afternoon at the park.

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About the Listing Company

Total Environment Home | With an innate drive to design and create better experiences for people, we started building homes that people actually wanted to live in. Located on a stunning landscape expanding over 55 acres, Tapestry features an abundance of nature, acres of open space, hundreds of mature trees, trails, parks, creeks and ponds. Amenities include a curated living experience, a well-equipped Clubhouse, a swimming pool, and children’s play area. Most importantly, our community is designed to inspire you to live a richer, fuller, and more joyous life.

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